East of Someday Maria Winther Sara Skoglund

Maria Winther: vocals

Sara Skoglund: piano

Brandon Ross: guitars

Keith Witty: bass

Chris Eddleton: drums

Charlie Burnham: violin

All compositions by: Maria Winther & Sara Skoglund

Producer: Brandon Ross

Recording: Jason Candler & Jack McKeever, The Maid’s Room -NYC

Mixed by: Keith Witty & Brandon Ross

Mastered by: Claes Persson, CRP Mastering -  Stockholm

Same time, every week, Maria Winther and Sara Skoglund get together to write music. “We have been gathering for several years to write because it’s fun, without really sharing it with anyone else. We started out writing music together because we were curious to see what would happen if we practiced the discipline of weekly writing, really just doing it for the sake of the music and for the writing itself. The weekly dates have brought us to a place where neither of us has been before; a haven and a playground for two musing souls”.

Behind East of Someday are Maria Winther (vocals, composition) and Sara Skoglund (piano, composition). Maria and Sara met through studies at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. As songwriters they find inspiration in the songwriting movements of the 60’s and 70’s and also in  philosophy and poetry. With influences from singer-songwriter/folk /jazz /pop /rock /avant garde, the music takes form in both the simple and sophisticated.

 “The lyrics comes first, then the music. Over time we’ve gained a sense of freedom in how we write together, the lyrics dictate the direction the music should take. We value carefully crafted lyrics and melodies that linger. It’s important to us that things are allowed to take time when we write - the journey is the destination, as they say. Sometimes while working, we’ll look up at each other with a smile, then we know we got something good happening.”

The EP “Song To A Lion” is a Swedish- American collaboration, recorded in New York City with the American guitarist/composer Brandon Ross as producer. Ross has performed and collaborated with artists such as Cassandra Wilson, Henry Threadgill, Me'Shell N'degeocello, Tony Williams, Lizz Wright, Jewel, Bill Frisell and many others.

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